#LetterToMyNext: “No More Strippers” By @lucille_ella

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Happy Tuesday, people!

It’s been an amazing series so far, and today we have another amazing Letter To My Next by @lucille_ella.


Dear Next

Allow me introduce myself, I am your next that you have been searching for, your missing rib, and the mother of your kids.

Don’t be offended I am taking so long to reach out to you

You see, I have been grooming myself for you

And I am sure with all the flings you have had, you have been groomed

Don’t expect me to call them relationships, I would not deceive you.

All my  exes ran back after the break-ups

They pleaded and demanded we make-up

But I cant be stupid twice

So I could not be nice

I could not accept them back

They had trained me to be a stronger woman for you

I decided not to hold on back to them, because if I did there would be no meeting point for us.

I am very simple to manage, although I am not a business

I am very fragile and need lots of care, although I am not an egg

I know you are very understanding, so stubbornness is my nature

Our love would not be a bed of roses, expect a few thorns

I have not exhausted my cooking on my ex, so dear next be ready to stop eating from take outs

I have not exhausted my dancing skills on my ex, so dear next be ready to stop watching strippers

I have not exhausted my singing skills, so be ready to stop listening to Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Lucinda Williams and the likes (just kidding).

I hope you are ready to have the fun of your life, so I welcome you with open arms to this roller coaster of LOVE,

If you are not, don’t expect me to be here waiting, but definitely you will find me, it is never too late for you and I to show the world what true love is. I am patiently waiting for you, I heard love is patient, but I don’t know how long I can be patient for.

Dear next, I have to tell you the truth that you have not experienced love.

If you can count the raindrops, then you have an idea of my love towards you.

I have not met you yet, but I can say I am in love with you

Like they said, love is blind.

I don’t care about your past, just make me your present and your future

Yours loving

Your next




Quo non Ascendam. Writer. E-mail: wana@360nobs.com


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