#LetterToMyNext: “I’m Learning To Be A Player” by @EMBIJAY

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Happy Saturday, people!

It’s been a while since we posted a letter, but we’re here with a new letter by @EMBIJAY. Enjoy!

Dear Ope,

Look at me calling you dear,believe me when I tell you: that is not the only sweet name I would call you. I’d call you any name –
sweetie, sunshine, baby, tomato jauce abi what is that thing you like to hear Flavour sing again? I might even let you call me daddy or Bangalee when we are in the act.

I’d try my best to even write poems for you even if I can’t , I would recycle some of the old ones. I’d take you to the most beautiful places I can afford so technically you know that we might not reach Raddison Blu during our relationship. I’d take you to places you’ve never been, I doubt if you ever been to where marijuana is being grown, refined and smoked without all the
care in the world. But in all these things, you won’t know that I’m lying to you better put playing you.

Yes! I’m learning to be a player.

You of course are no stranger to what Temi, your friend, did to me. She thought me life when I thought B.sc was knowledge. You
know how much I loved No! that is not the word, how much I worshipped Temi, I kissed and licked her ass only literally though! She’d never let me even look at her panties. “Let’s save the best for last”, she would say before giving me a kiss and leaving Johnny hanging but No! this Johnny did not leave her follow Cynthia. I controlled  Johnny and left him blue in anger.

You’ cannot begin to imagine the pan I felt when I caught her withdrawing her savings with Tobi and from the way she was sounding, It wasn’t her first time collectng the D-ividend of her savings. What a sight it was, I cried and for the next few weeks I
looked like Stella Oduah’s make-up. When I finally confronted her, she just said something about Baby Face and Wande Coal but you and I know she was not comparing complexions.

I want you to know that whatever babies and Wande Coal have in common, mine is a lot larger. I am sorry if I would leave you heart-broken, but you have to understand that I am trying to prove a point to everyone especially my friends who now think I am best known as Oloshi snce I told them. I am sorry for all the pain that I will cause but you must know that I am learning to be a player and you are my first experiment.

Your Disaster,


Wow. I feel sorry for Ope already. Later, people!



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  1. I just can’t get d theme of dis letter! Can’t actually pick or figure out what d letter is about! Help correct this though! Thanks!

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