#LetterToMyNext “I’d Be Your Roof In The Pouring Rain” By @yayaicyveins

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Happy Saturday folks!

We still keeping it very real with the Letter To My Next series, and today we have a very poetic piece by @yayaicyveins.


Dear Next,

I would love you like it is the only thing I was put on earth to do

Cry with you when pain is weighing down on you

Carry you even when the ground beneath you fails you

Bleed with you when the people nail you

Stand by you when there’s nothing left around you

Fight for you when you have no army to defend you

Forgive you when you don’t deserve it

Be truthful even if it hurts you

Be the light when you’re in that tunnel

Shield you when the light blinds you

Find you when you’ve lost yourself

Be Faithful like I am blind

If eventually that happens and I find the love of my life, I’d live like I live for only you.

– @yayaicyveins

That was beautiful!

See you next time!

By the way, up Gunners! Hehehehe!



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