#LetterToMyNext: “I Want To Be Able To See The Love In Your Eyes” by @mizzaina

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Happy Friday, folks! Turn up time!

The Letters just keep coming in, and tonight we have @mizzaina, who wants to be able to see the love of her next in his eyes. How deep!


To my next,

It’s been 5 years and counting. 5 years of holding out for the right person. It ain’t no thang though, I know what I want and I’m not ready to settle. I know for a fact that you’re worth the wait.

I’m not going to just start stating all the things I want you to be (please have rocking biceps) because I intend to love you regardless of what you look like, what you do. I will love you for you, imperfections and everything. A love that is unconditional. I don’t want to be able to reel off reasons why I love you, I feel like I will love you so much that I won’t even be able to put in words just how much.

It’s about loving you wholly and totally. Being the Bonnie to your Clyde sans the criminal element. The bey to your jay plus the rocking empire. Pardon me I’m a bit of a romantic. I really and truly want to be your person. I want to be able to see the love in your eyes when you look at me, hear it in your voice when you say my name, feel it in the way you hold me.

Nowadays dating is an annoying, ridiculous process where you have to play games. I DO NOT PLAY GAMES. I feel like I need to say it again, I DON’T DO GAMES. That’s that shit I’ll never do. Acting like I’m unavailable when I am, ignoring phone calls I really want to pick, faking like you don’t care when you do. All that miscommunication, first to apologize etc. I do not want that for us.

Let me conclude by promising to be good to you, to give my all to you, to be your best friend. I know there’ll be ups and downs and I’m ready for that.

I’m ready for life with you.


Wow so deep! Who do you think has had the best letter so far? Come back tomorrow for another awesome letter!



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