#LetterToMyNext: “Can You Get Me Out Of My Shell?” by @Lehwarh

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Good evening, people!

It’s the middle of the week, and we hope your week’s going fine.

This one’s written by @Lehwarh, who wants someone to take her out of her shell.


Dear Next,

Feels really strange writing to someone I’d probably spend the rest of my life with but I just believe it would be better to make some things known before we officially start dating. Okay now you must think I’m a freak ’cause we’ve not exactly met but you know how they always say when you meet “the one” you’ll just know right.

I know you have so many questions to ask me like “who am I”, “how many boyfriends have I had”, “am I still a virgin’, “am I as beautiful as the one you’ve been seeing in your dreams” and so much more. Well be rest assured I have plenty more for you and I’ll try my best possible to answer some of yours.

Brief introduction, I’m a lil’ cutie (or at least that’s what I like to believe but as they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder), a proud medical student. an extremely introverted being but I hope you’ll be able to get me out of my shell ’cause I know just how important it is to keep our family and friends close by even after we’re married.

How I wish I were perfect for you my love but truth be told I’m a little bit prouder than most girls you probably know but with a little patience you’ll realize it’s just self esteem that most girls lack today. I hardly can wait to walk down the street with you holding hands like newlyweds, to confidently pick up my phone and prattle away  knowing that you’ll always be ready to listen, to look you in the eye when all it seems like my world is caving in and hear you say ‘you’ll be fine babe”, to just lay, cuddle with you and be tickled all day, to proudly show you off to all my friends knowing that you’d probably be the last guy I’ll introduce to them and to rear amazingly gorgeous kids with you!!!

There’s a whole lot more, but I guess they’d all have to wait till we meet. And finally I hope you’ll learn to see beneath my shy surface to see the profound untapped reservoir of wisdom and strength I possess and, in the words of Vonette Bright, that ‘your love for me will be strong enough to reassure yet un-threatened enough to release, tight enough to embrace yet loose enough to enjoy, magnetic enough to hold yet magnanimous enough allow for flight with an absence of jealously as others applaud my accomplishments and admire my competence”.

I love you from a place within myself and I know you feel the same !!!! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Yours in waiting, Omolewa.

P.S: you must have noticed I didn’t answer the boyfriend question, well it’s because I’ve never really had one so I guess that makes me still very much a virgin!


Awwwwn! Puppy Love! See you again tomorrow!



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