#InTheNews: Man Accused Of Orchestrating Mum’s Murder To Get Rich

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According to Chicago tribune, Qawmane Wilson, 24, from Chicago’s west side and two accomplices were charged this week for masterminding the murder of his hairdresser mum Yolanda Holmes (the successful owner of the popular Chicago hair salon, Nappy Headz) in early September to get money from her bank accounts and two life insurances that he was a beneficiary to.

Chicago sun times reported that Wilson allegedly admitted to police that he had his mum knifed and gunned down and liquidated her bank account collecting  more than $90,000 just a week after her stabbing and shooting death on Sept 2. WLS station reported that Eugene Spencer, 22, was hired by Wilson to carry out the killing while Lorian Johnson, 23, was arrested for allegedly driving the getaway car.

The trio were charged on Tuesday with murder and home invasion, and Spencer faces additional charges of first degree murder, aggravated discharge of a firearm. Wilson was an aspiring rapper by the name Young QC and was seen showing off the money on his instagram account. Friends and family members of the deceased were shocked by the act as they said Yolanda did everything for her son.


Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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