#InTheNews: French worker held over pensioners deaths

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In an act that can only be described as vicious and atrocious, a care worker at a home for the elderly in Chambery in the French Alps has been arrested on suspicion of poisoning six pensioners to death, BBC reports. According to  police source who spoke to  French media, she admitted having wanted to relieve their suffering but denied that she had sought to kill them,

The situation came to the open when a woman of 84 died last month, and an autopsy uncovered suspicious traces of drugs, France Info radio reports.

An examination was carried out because the woman at the Jacob-Bellecombette home near Chambery had suddenly fallen into a coma on 27 November, dying two days later. An analysis found she had an overdose of non-prescribed medication. She reportedly admitted giving a “cocktail of medication” to six people who were “mostly” “elderly if not very elderly” and who suffered from “chronic illnesses”.

     She is due to appear before a judge on Thursday to learn what, if any, charges she will face in connection with the deaths, AFP news agency reports. The six pensioners all died in the space of two month

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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