Goodluck Jonathan Denies Training Snipers In 10-Page Letter To Olusegun Obasanjo

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President Goodluck Jonathan has replied to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in a 10-page letter of his.

Jonathan challenged the former president to produce the names of those on the alleged political watch list and the agencies of government that are watching over them.

President Jonathan, in the letter, noted that since “I started my political career as a Deputy Governor, I have never been associated with any form of political violence” adding that “There have certainly been cases of political assassination since the advent of our Fourth Republic, but as you well know, none of them occurred under my leadership”.

He berated the allegation by Obasanjo claim that He is “training snipers and other militia to assassinate people”.

“Baba, I don’t know where you got that from but you do me grave injustice in not only lending credence to such baseless rumours, but also publicizing it. You mentioned God seventeen times in your letter. Can you as a Christian hold the Bible and say that you truly believe this allegation?” he said.

The President noted the “challenges and opposition” he has faced in over three years of his presidency “mainly from the high and mighty”.

Jonathan described as “baseless” the claim that he uses security agencies to harass people, insisting that “that was an accusation made against previous administrations, including yours, but it is certainly not my style and will never be” noting that “Nigerians are waiting for your evidence of proof”.

“Again, if you insist on the spurious claim that some of your relatives and friends are being harassed, I urge you to name them and tell Nigerians what agencies of my administration are harassing them.

“I also find it difficult to believe that you will accuse me of assisting murderers, or assigning a presidential delegation to welcome a murderer. This is a most unconscionable and untrue allegation” he said.

President Jonathan expressed shock that “with all avenues open to you as a former Head of State for the verification of any information you have received about state affairs, you chose to go public with allegations of “high corruption” without offering a shred of supporting evidence”.

He also urged the former president to provide “names, facts and figures of a single verifiable case of the “high corruption” which you say stinks all around my administration and see whether the corrective action you advocate does not follow promptly” while challenging him to “tell Nigerians the true story of questionable waivers of signature bonuses between 2000 and 2007”.



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  1. … only time can tell from all the allegations and responses. The truth of the matter is that most of the allegations from OBJ were things we see ourselves or maybe we are blind too. JEG must put on his thinking cap buckle his sandal and move to action. We deserve better life than we get here….. we are tired.. really we want to be proud of being a Nigerian.

  2. that’s the only allegation he chose to deny…. I’m just going to pray for this country instead of talk about its problems

  3. Before OBJ could write Goodluck strong letter publicly, it means OBJ had seen the signal because the Yoruba adage says when a small child is cutting a tree in the forest, it is the elders that knows where it will fall to.But my candid advise for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is to heed to what elders are says before it will be too late. And he should please stop playing politics with Nigerians because of the younger generation, and also he should remember the legacy of his predecessors.

  4. From all indications OBJ is not seeing what he thought of seeing. Again OBJ thought he planted a seed that will germinate and look like him or for Jonathan to dance to his tune. Nigerians must not forget the relentless effort by OBJ to secure 3rd Term in office, but to no avail. He thought GEJ administration should be an extension of his denied 3rd Term,unfortunately the Perceived Cleverless child has turned to be Smarter than his Father. Afterall, OBJ shall not forget how he defied the Man that influenced and brought him to Presidency in the First lap of his reign. Again, I want to say OBJ is only paying the price of being a King Maker in the Nigerian polity. For me, I do not believe that these people are not nursing yet another round of deceit to outsmart Nigerians. We should be careful in our assessments. Nobody wants to be irrelevant wo!!!!!

  5. He said, that is what i see from the statement. The statement are all allegation. There is no proved that JEG make any of those stupid statement. If truly OBJ make all this allegations again JEG is obviously untrue. We suppose to have a good government from this administration if not because of some power sector that are always cannibals.

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