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We like the other person very much and we wonder just why we never hit it off even after what seemed like an “overwhelming” chemistry.

It could be because of any of these mistakes which in my opinion is more often than not, made by men.

Only communicating via texts or social media. You go out of your way, flirt in your best form when you both don’t see and in person this just fizzles out.

This has nothing to do with being shy, if you like someone you have to know that they would only take you seriously if you did more than twitter DMs, Facebook messages and IMs.

I had someone do this to me once, the only place he could flirt and talk to me about feelings was on the phone and whenever we met, he just acted like he didn’t type all the “mushy” things he sent(or maybe he didn’t). Needless to say we didn’t hit it off?

Making the “competition” look like an idiot. This usually is a girl thing but guess what? Some men do it as well. You like someone and you really want the person to give you a chance but instead of going about it the nice way, you decide to bring the competition down in the process.

Here’s what that says of you, childish, silly and ridiculous. If you could run the show, you wouldn’t need to make someone else look bad to do that.

Flirting with a friend’s present partner or ex partner. For girls, this is usually an unwritten girl code which every girl in the world knows about. Guys should not do this as well.

It is very disrespectful and a wrong thing to do if you decide to flirt with your friend’s current partner, like are you drunk?

Flirting with the ex however, you should check if your friend is okay with a relationship with you both. Why? Because that friendship should mean a lot to you and how the person feels should matter.

Early times of endearment. Ladies, Ever had a guy who you have just met refer to you as “baby”? It is downright hilarious especially since you haven’t even met up to five minutes.

No terms of endearment at the early stages people, save that for later, if the relationship actually kicks off.

Talking about your ex. While you guys are flirting? N O




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