Femi Kuti Covers Mystreetz Magazine [PHOTO]

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Afrobeat legend Femi Kuti has covered the latest edition of Mystreetz magazine.

According to Sesan Adeniji, publisher of Mystreetz magazine, ‘With the success of the recent Felabration, it is crystal clear that Afrobeat music is indestructible. With its newfound love within more conscious youths across the music industry, who are infusing more of it into their music and lifestyle, one can simply attribute the success of this genre to the creativity and originality that enveloped its creation decades ago.

Among several artistes that have carried on the Afrobeat struggle after its creator Fela Kuti passed on, no one has done more to Afrobeat than Femi Kuti. Against incredible odds, Femi has consistently been increasing the fortunes of the genre and breaking previously unimaginable grounds all around the world.

Since conquering the challenges of the early days and consequently shutting up naysayers and armchair critics alike with his unparalleled success, Femi has probably done more for Afrobeat than anyone can ever imagine. Femi has singlehandedly with his sibs given a brand new face to Afrobeat without compromising the revolutionary edge of the music.

He has been able to open new frontiers for the genre in the last twenty years or so, raising a fan base that cuts across race, age and creed. He has proven that Afrobeat is not a fad, art form nor another genre but a culture and a movement. Let’s join this journey with Femi Kuti who is now basking in his Afrobeat fiefdom’.

This December edition of Mystreetz Magazine will be out on all newstands soon.

Cover photography by August Udoh.




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