Dating Rules You Should Live By

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  1. After the first date, let him make the next contact. It shouldn’t be you calling to ask if he enjoyed the date and if he would like another one soon.
  2. Don’t bring up your ex/previous relationship at your first date. You would sound like you are yet to move on, which might not be true. So in order to avoid sounding like you are still on the same spot your ex left you, don’t mention him.
  3. Be attentive. Don’t talk so much you leave him the room to say nothing.
  4. While being attentive, don’t stay too quiet, you would bore your date and even you wouldn’t have such a fun night after all.
  5. As the number of dates increase, offer to pick some bills. It could be for the popcorn and drinks you are buying while seeing a movie together.
  6. Don’t be too desperate or come off as needy, even if you are desperately in need of a man in your life and without one you would die, don’t let this show. Ever.
  7. Most importantly, follow your instincts.


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