Watch: Oc Ukeje Gets Pissed On in The Last Episode of CRIMSON

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The last episode of Crimson, a web-series of short factitious thrillers loosely based on several mysteries within Nigeria’s intriguing political space, has been finally released after a little delay and this episode tagged Ink, Blood & Piss finally seals it all with OC Ukeje’s character getting roughed up a bit.

Ink, Blood & Piss, the last of 3 episodes in the pilot phase of the series is about DELE, a renowned writer and the military government’s fiercest critic. Arrested by government strongman AKIN and charged with treason, he is left with two options, recant his words or dare the devil himself. Akin, hellbent on destroying what might be left of Dele’s legacy has dug up all kinds of dirt on him. Will he buckle?

The final episode of Crimson had all the elements expected of the web-series and would probably do well with many viewers if it is ever put together as a short film. However while many of the viewers might be impressed by the acting and the way it was directed, a couple of people like myself would have one or few things to sat about it like the flat way it ended.

While the episode opened like a plane going down the runway and ready for takeoff, sadly it misses the point of elevation and simply ends up missing its mark. That said, the overall acting in Crimson remains commendable (when you take away the cigarette Seun Ajayi was smoking) and worth mentioning.

Ink, Blood & Piss stars Seun AJayi and Oc Ukeje. Written and Directed by Daniel Etim Effiong. Produced by Lala Akindoju. Photographed by Kagho Idhebor Crowther and edited by Mohammed Atta.

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