“Chidinma Cried Over Sex Tape” – Ill Bliss

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In a recent interview with Hip TV, Ill Bliss revealed the alleged sex tape of Chidinma left the singer so devastated, she cried profusely.

‘I got an e-mail from a blogger one morning saying that ‘your artiste Chidinma has a sex tape out, get in touch with us’ and I called her that morning and told her (Chidinma), Illbliss told Hip TV. ‘All she did was cry her eyes out, saying ‘I’m only a small girl; I’ve not wronged anybody, why will anyone do this to me?’

OGA BOSS recounted how he and his team rallied round the Kedike hit maker and assured her the scandal would be strategically handled.

…I told her that we will speak when we want to and it will not be to defend the sex tape issue but to communicate her success. And indeed it worked,’ Illbliss boasted.




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