Big Meanies: Kate Henshaw & Other Judges Ridicule 58-Year Old Man On Nigeria’s Got Talent [VIDEO]

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It seems the judges on the auditions of Nigeria’s Got Talent have watched too much Simon Cowell and X-Factor.

The judges, especially actress Kate Henshaw, have been abnormally and excessively mean to people auditioning to get on the show all season long. From outrageous laughter to vile comments, all they ever seem able to do is kill people’s confidence and not look for the talent that they were hired to search for.

In a new video from the auditions which held recently in Benin, all  3 judges laughed at a 58-year old songwriter who came to perform one of his original compositions. While the man’s performance was funny and might have elicited a few laughs, it didn’t warrant judge Yibo Koko’s comments, who told a man way older than him to “continue to write songs but please don’t be the one to sing them.”

Watch the video below.



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  1. judging from your comment, you overdid the sympathy aspect. if you wanna do music he should go to the studio.. You have to hustle to win this kida competition.

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