Behind-The-Scene Pictures From Cupid’s Hypnotic Video Shoot

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Since the recent release of his new single, Cupid has been working hard to keep the hits coming while breaking into the Nigerian music industry mainstream. We caught up with him on set while shooting the video for his new release, Hypnotic, and we had a brief interview with the young Afropop prince:

360NoBs: Are you excited about your new video?

CUPID: I’m very excited about the video , can’t wait till it’s done!

360NoBs: What is the inspiration behind Hypnotic?

CUPID: Hypnotic is an afrobeat track. It’s a song about how a man can be so captivated with the beauty of a woman hence being hypnotized by her. It’s a fun song and will definitely loosen up an uptight scenario.

360NoBs: Are you impressed so far with fans response to the new single?

CUPID: Yes I’m impressed and excited about the response so far, the fans love the song and that makes my glad. I love my fans!

360NoBs: When is the Hypnotic video coming out?

CUPID: The video will be out before the end of the year.

360NoBs: Give us a hint on the idea for the Hypnotic video

CUPID: It’s a performance video. It’s got scenes of me doing the “hypnotic dance” and also a few ladies doing something similar and sexy . There is also an Arabian scene which I love.

360NoBs: Who is directing the Hypnotic video?

Kesh film works directed hypnotic video.

Now check out pictures from the making of Cupid’s Hypnotic video:

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