#ASUUstrike Update: We’re waiting for sack letters -ASUU

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities on Monday made their decision not to return to work as directed by the Federal Government firm.

The varsity lecturers also refused to sign the attendance registers in their respective institutions as ordered by the federal government through the supervising minister of education, Chief Nyesom Wike.

They said they were simply waiting for the sack letters the Federal Government threatened to give them if they did not return to class.

Lecturers offices in the universities still remain shut despite the fact that the Supervising Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike, had urged the striking lecturers to return to work or on before December 9 or risk being sacked.

The leadership of ASUU had remained unfazed by the FG’s directive and threat. They accused the government of insincerity in the resolution of the face-off.

At the Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka on Monday, though some of the lecturers were on campus, they did not teach. The institution’s Faculty of Social Sciences, for instance, had its classrooms and laboratories shut. The hostels were opened but students had yet to return to the campus.

At UI, only a few lecturers were in schools. They neither taught nor signed the attendance register. The school’s chapter of ASUU earlier in the day had sent a message to its members, urging them to be calm and resolute in their demands.

The National Treasurer of ASUU, Dr. Ademola Aremu, said they would have wasted their time and effort if they caved in and returned to work under threat.

He said, “How can you call off a strike when there is nothing to show for it? The government is not qualified to call off the strike. Our union is awaiting the government to state all it has done in black and white. However, it is a serious insult on us for the government to be harassing us with sacking threat. We are not casual workers or labourers. Our research work has been ongoing.”

Lecturers also shunned work at OAU even though a few of the students were on the campus. The Chairman of ASUU at the university, Prof. Adegbola Akinola, said that the strike was still on.

He said, “Our union did not close the universities, what we did was to withdraw teaching services and they will remain withdrawn until the government properly documents the agreement reached with us on November 4, 2013.”

Lectures did not also hold at ABU. The two campuses of the institution at Samaru and Kongo had only a negligible human presence as of Monday. Lecturers’ offices and lecture halls were shut, just as the students did not show up as directed by the government.

There were no studies too at UNIUYO, UNIJOS, FUNAAB, LASU and UNILAG as lecturers boycotted classes.



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  1. I use 2 care and follow every Asuu news I.see just 2 know what they where saying but all I know now is if by jan they don’t go back 2 there classes, God will pay them a personal visit, every last Asuu member… mtchew ….

  2. If u don’t knw where rain started to beat u, u will certainly will not knw where it stopped. Nigeria is richer and bigger than Ghana yet Ghana have quality and cheaper education than Nigeria. If an academic elite(so called) like Jonathan our president did not see essence of improving our academic sector, is it a military ruler that will do it. Asuu have start the revolutional step and no going back, aluta continua! No sincerity in this government, over two months ago, they profess to have release 100bn and 30bn to asuu, recently they assured Nigerians that they have opened an account with CBN with 200bn and will remit the money for upkeep of universities, ok, just yesterday they announced of the president agreed to bush out 100bn for the revitalization of 62 universities in Nigeria. Hheemm! What a country, what a presidency, no trust, no pity for the future of the said leaders of tomorrow. If there is a time to say no to insincere governance, it is now. Students and parents pls don’t rush asuu bcos u want to obtain what so many have obtained yet they are still in labour market since 12yrs ago and some that are fortunate to secure job can not perform utimally, Nigerian students needs better education and our country have what it takes to give it to us. Most of this politicians have send their wards to other countries to get better education which they deny us here, but this is the time we must ask for our right no matter hw long or harsh it might be. It took Ghana a year and… To obtain their own. This is the time for ours , support asuu and let them fight for us. Sincerity must be know in governance. ALUTA CONTINUA !

  3. Please FG take that letter to ASUU officially and respond to the letter they have sent to you. By doing this the strike will be over. Give it a trial.

  4. @caleb who told you Asuu is fighting for students????I think they are fighting for their pockets aand its the students that are suffering 4 it…watch the part2 of this movie,Asuu and Versities fight over revitalizaton money..lol

  5. @caleb, u r on point. I pity any one who thinks contrary to wat caleb just highlighted. it only shows that they are never committed to getting anything right just like FG, GEJ and Nyesom wike.

  6. U are vry vry corect @ CALEB. Some students are vry eager 2 study in d delapitated environ jst 2 earn dat quack Degree dy can’t used outsid nigeria, d best Universtity in Nigeria is 57th in Africa nd it rated 6304 in d world ranking, dix is a shame 4 d union of interletualz kalled Asuu, they want Nigerian universities 2 b kwn nd patrolnise by other foreign countries. Suport Asuu, great Nigerian studnts, great!.

  7. @caleb,u r actually speaking our minds bt i dnt fink asuu is really fighting 4 us rather dan their pockets.i will only believe dat dy r fightin 4 us if i see any changes after dis war btw asuu n FG…..cos i believe it will end soon n we all will knw d sheep frm d goat…

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