American Novelist Kola Boof Reveals The List Of The 20 Hollywood Celebrities With The Biggest Penises [VIDEO]

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American Novelist Kola Boof, has in a new vlog, revealed the list of Hollywood men who had the biggest penises in the 80s and 90s.

Kola Boof is no stranger to controversy, having been rumored to be a mistress to Osama bin Laden.

The novelist, who has Egyptian and Sudanese backgrounds, says the list was compiled when she was with a secret society called the Alpharetta Secret Society, and said names like Vivica Fox and Tyra Banks “knew what she was talking about.”

Check out the list and the video below.

1. Arsenio Hall
2. Actor John Amos
3. Actor James Woods
4. Deceased actor John Ritter
5. Tie. NBA baller Rick Fox
6. Vin Diesel
7.  Michael Jordan
8.  Actor Jon-Erik Hexum
9.  Jerry Seinfeld
10. Kwesi Mfume
11. Tao Pengiless
13. Deceased actor Ron O’Neal
14. Marc Anthony
15.  Keith Sweat
16.  John Salley
17.  50 Cent
18.  Mekhi Phifer
19.  Patrick Rafter
20. Raphael Saadiq



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  1. she has 2 many shameless issues, 4rm being osama’s mistress, 2 being in secret society, 2 knowing the sizes of… she’s just……

  2. PEOPLE…please read about who & what she really is before you speak on the peices America wanted you to hear. This is merely a fragment of her reality & false to encompass her true agenda & intellegence. WAKE UP

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