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Ola Blaq is a rapper who has dished out of couple of hits a year back, notably She Moves which made it to the Top 10 Freshmen Chart. He is a Yoruba boy brought up in the Northern part of the country. Enjoy my interview with Ola Blaq and feel free to leave questions below that I can ask in the future.

Mr. Blaq! Really nice to have you on 360view.

The pleasure is all mine


So can you give us a little background? Who is Ola Blaq? Name, city, genre

My name Alfred Olajide based in Abuja, I basically grew up there. I’m a music and game freak schooled in the University of Maiduguri and I make hip hop music

What is the origin of the stage name, by the way?

Well I’m really dark and over the years especially in secondary school I got called ‘black’ a lot by friends in reference to my complexion so I kinda just took it and made it ‘blaq’ and the ‘Ola’ is from my name Olajide it’s just a pure representation of who I am.

What’s your musical ideology? What do you look out for in a piece of music and what motivates & inspires you when making yours?

I believe music is a means of positivity, it should be used to inspire encourage and preach. I generally look out for quality of content, the artist must be able to speak the truth from his/her heart and I look out for technical excellence.
I’m’m motivated by various things but the most important of all is the need to share my message the best way I know how – through music. Over time I’ve been inspired by many great people who contributed much to the world by doing the little they can people like Diane Latiker and great musicians whose truths are so real and profound like Fela, Eminem and Lupe Fiasco.


So we first heard from you on The R.A.P. How did that work for you? The general perception, reception and critique?

To be honest it didn’t work out fine, I feel like I rushed the project. I didn’t pick the best samples. I didn’t promote it right and my delivery was grossly inconsistent. But it did spin off some great tracks like ‘In Maid Grinding’ and ‘I’ll Make It’ (both featuring the late, great Shizzy D and other immensely talented acts) as well as ‘Crowded’. But all in all, it was a great learning experience for me, and today I listen to it and am amazed at how far God has taken me.

How has music been in the place where you are? Tell us about the struggles and/or triumphs
Men….if I start talking about the struggles involved in making music where I’m from, this interview wouldn’t end – event organizers, listeners and media houses don’t reckon with upcoming acts. DJs ask you to pay em to spin your records (that is after the club/Radio station has paid them oh!) you have to beg fans to listen to your music and event organizers will even go as far as asking you to pay them to perform at their shows. Very Ironic. I just thank God for 360nobs, you guys really go the extra mile to create a level playing field for guys like me.

Triumphs…well, when you’re on the come up you get to be closer to your fans and when you get fans at this stage, they’re genuine fans and it’s a great feeling when your music puts a smile on someone’s face

Your song with A-Maz, “She Moves” made it to the 360nobs Freshman Charts a while back, how did you do that? From what we gathered, there wasn’t any unusual hype for the single.

Na God oh. I got together with my friend and brother A-Maz, I got the instrumentals over the internet and we recorded it with Von D and he mixed the track. A combination of Me, A-Maz and Von D always creates great music and we did just that again to the glory of God, and as you said, I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to promote the song, God just showed how mighty he is.

You’ve been identified as an artist with lots of potential and with a bit of uniqueness. What do you believe is different about your music?

Well,  feel it’s me. Like every other human being, I’m unique and when I make music, I try to do me and no one else. The product is the difference you hear.

Why is it we haven’t heard from you in a while?

I wanted to focus on my academics and finish school then I’ve had to put my personal life in order but you’ll be hearing from me soon.


So what’s next for you? Anything new your fans should look forward to?

Well, I’m currently working on a few singles so, yeah sure my fans should expect better and more mature (and less sexual..lol) music

Lol. That will be a breath of fresh air. So, how can we find you on social media?

Well on facebook it is facebook.com/olablaq, on twitter I’m @tHeOlaBlaq and on Reverbnation it is reverbnation.com/olablaq


Listen and get Ola Blaq’s ‘She Moves‘ below

  Ola Blaq - She Moves feat. A-Maz (3.2 MiB, 2,252 hits)



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