#360View: “I can confidently say that we were the first people to use the word, SHAYO…”

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Meet Mostwanted, a rapper who has been in the music game from as far back as 1999 and is now signed to Vegas Records. He has released two successful singles this year – Sikemwen and Welcome To Lagos. I had the pleasure of having a brief chat with him on his journey to where he currently is on the music ladder and his plans for the future. Enjoy the interview and feel free to drop your comments below.

First of all what’s your birth name and what part of the country are you from?

First of all, thanks to almighty God for bringing me this far, and to 360nobs for having me. My given name at birth is Victor Mudiaga Eghaghara, my parents are from Delta State.


How did you come across the name Most Wanted then? What made you choose it?

Actually, Mostwanted was a “group name” given to I and two of my friends right from the hood back in Benin City. We used to bear our individual names – Buster, Me, Crox and Ruffneck, until we missed a show we were billed to perform a. The next day, a fan saw us and was screaming like “Yeahhhh, why were you guys not at the show last night, you guys were the most wanted artistes and the crowd was yelling for your performance.” So after that incident, we adopted the name. This was in far back 1999.

So where did you grow up? Did any of your background or environment influence your music?

I was born and raised up in Benin City, I lived through the major areas and hood with my parents who where an average family, each hood got its own gangster settings and I guess that did effect my my life and music

What year did you do your first professional recording? Can you briefly tell us about the whole ordeal from back then?

I think my first studio session was way back in 2001 at a studio in Benin called Signal Studio. It was a night session and my producer then, Spurz already had studio experience so it wasn’t so difficult to get along and since then I have never stopped dropping lines in the vocal booth each time I got the chance , cos its one of the best way I express my subconscious. After our recording, we started going to radio stations and campus gigs; we got the first show and there after the show promoters kept us on the roll call. My group started gaining recognition in major campuses in the south. It’s a long story, but after we won a Benson & Hedges competition, we became a major music group from Edo State. We had loads of hit tracks to make our fans sing with us in every show we did – from AAU, Ekpoma to Abrake, DELSU, UNIBEN and the likes. We were on tour. Respect to Joseph Aguele aka Don General and late Samson Oyomoha – they were some of the people that helped pushed our art; we dropped our first video in 2004 title Shayo. It was a big hit in Benin so we decided to bring it to Lagos, but it was banned after some airplay both on TV and radio due to the lyrical content. I can confidently say that we were the first people to use the word, SHAYO before any other Nigerian artist used it. We also released a full length album in 2005 back in Benin title the Street Life, and later moved to Lagos same year. My group broke up 2007 and since then my energy has kept burning to drop an epic album about my life.


What triggered the decision to be a rapper?

Tupac. He made me discover music as a way of expressing my inner most passion and feelings, be it religious, faith, belief or life style.

Can you briefly tell us how those first years were for you as a musician?

Professionally it was exciting because not too many people were into music then, so it felt good to be hailed by people around your area when they hear you sing; and when we get back from shows, they discuss about our performances. It also wasn’t an easy road, I hard to do some menial jobs to pay for our sessions, and getting to show venues can be difficult at night.

How did you come to hook up with Vegas records?

Vegas Records as a company and label had been under the process of being established for some few years and when it was finally set to take off in 2011 after its state of the art recording studio was set up in Surulere, I was one of the few people selected to run the company. We formed an urban music group called Vegas Crew, made up of Jacky Sula, myself, and 2 other female emcees – Remi aka Prexy and Fumi aka Fuzzy.


Your hit track “Sikemwen”, what does it mean and what was the inspiration behind the song?

Sikemwen means get closer in Uhrobo. The plan was to produce a hit song after recording some few singles and time to start promoting my songs under Vegas Records was drawing nearer. I told my producer Kul Jay to make a dance beat; I took it home and wrote the chorus. I originally wanted to feature Orezi on it, but after the hook was pre recorded with my producer voicing it, I felt it was good enough to go so we dropped it online and it went boom. I later went on to do the remix in South Africa with a friend from the hood, Gidi Boi and also shot the video there, which was a classic.

Can you tell us on your latest project or what you’re currently working on?

Well recently – precisely November 9th 2013 – I dropped a new single titled Welcome to Lagos and the song has been to gaining more recognition. My company, The Rose From The Concrete and Vegas Records are currently in contact with FAAN and the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism to endorse the song for a campaign to preach about the virtues of Lagos state and the government effort in building a fully developed African state. More singles will be dropping early 2014 with possible collaborations, videos and hopefully, a full-length album.

What’s your ultimate destination in this music game?

To be an inspiration to my generation and people, I want people to look back at how far I came, and see how I conquered and use it as example for their life.

Bringing it to short term, where do you see yourself in five years? Just to put in perspective, that will be year 2018

*smiles I will be at ease, living the good life, preaching the good news about realness, faith, good work and being counted among the finest artists from black Africa and Nigeria




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  1. i went checking out his 2 singles and i can say this dude is tight and good to go, the future of Nigerian rap music is safe in such emcees as mostwanted, keep it up

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