#360CampusBeauties: FUNAAB (@That_FarmGirl @tohmii_ @dunnilayo @damselG94 @BarbieJhay)

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It promises to get hotter every week and trust me, this week, we need the fire fighters. After showcasing campus beauties from Unilag last week with Vanessa winning a GoTV as the girl with most votes, this week we are bringing to you the beautiful one’s from FUNAAB (I’m beginning to love my job o, sorry no vacancy for now abeg).

Last week, we gave out a GoTV, this week, who knows? We might just give out a car (Yeah we are that aweeesssooooommmmeeeee)……. Just stick around to find out.

Please be reminded that the PRETTIEST #360CampusBeauty: FUNAAB will be chosen from the total number of girls entered this week and the winner will be announced on Sunday; NEXT 5 girls to be published on Friday.

To feature, send at least 3-4 good pictures of yourself (with no watermarks) or friends can send in pictures on your behalf, your school and a little detail about you to trkingil@360nobs.com.  The school with the highest number of email entries gets the SPOT for the week and will be announced on twitter every Sunday night VIA @trkingil and @360nobs.

For now, Enjoy the #360CampusBeauties from FUNAAB (My boys! SET THAT P)

Name – Susan
Twitter: @That_FarmGirl
Department:  Animal Breeding and Genetics, 200L

360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Susan_04_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Susan_03_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Susan_02_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Susan_01_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Susan_06_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Susan_05_360nobs

Name – Tomi

Twitter: @tohmii_
Department: Home Science and Management, 200L

360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Tomi_01_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Tomi_02_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Tomi_03_360nobs360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Tomi_04_360nobs

Name – Dunni
Twitter: @dunnilayo
Department: Agric Administration, 400L

360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Dunni_01_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Dunni_02_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Dunni_04_360nobs

Name – Kafayat
Twitter: @damselG94
Department: Business Administration, 200L

360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Kafayat_01_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Kafayat_02_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Kafayat_03_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Kafayat_04_360nobs

Name – Olajumoke
Department: Animal Production and Health, 400L

360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Olajumoke_05_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Olajumoke_04_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Olajumoke_02_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Olajumoke_01_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_FUNAAB_Olajumoke_03_360nobs

Here are the first five girls from FUNABB, what do you think? Who is your favourite #360CampusBeauty? Vote below

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  1. This is certainly an avenue thats gonna unite d entire populace of students in terms of social standards n upbringing… kudos 2 360 crew… Chuks says so. #peace

  2. Kai. This week’s own was the hardest. I’m not even going to vote. Everybody did well. But the first chick is cheating small sha 😉

  3. This is not competitive enough… Dunni you are ugly, u should not be found here, Tomi suppose dey sell akara, kafayat please become a true Muslim

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