2013 In Review – Worst 15 Movies of 2013

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2013 had a number of really impressive movies and then there were those movies we came about which simply left us in awe at how horrible they were. With so many terrible movies to pick from, I’ve managed to select my worst 15 movies for the year which as usual some would have qualms with while some might agree with.

Check out the movies below and let other readers know which movie you think was the worst movie released this year.

The Purge
This would-be horror-thriller movie which stars Ethan Hawke and Game Of Thrones actress Lena Headey has a very weak storyline which would prompt you to ask yourself “Is that all?” once the closing credits starts rolling.

Identity Thief
Despite the efforts of Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy to make this one a funny and interesting movie, Identity thief ends up being a waste of time and a terrible selection if you’re looking for a movie with scenes that would make you laugh.

I never thought i would say this, but RED 2 was awful. The first one was amazing which is why the idea of a sequel was welcoming. However they managed to mess up the script while trying to top the first movie and even the experienced actors (returning and new) couldn’t make this one worth watching a second time.

The Family
The Family is one of those movies that you could keep under the section “Time for bed” because this would-be action/comedy mafia themed film won’t disappoint at making you fall asleep.

Bullet to the Head
Sylvester Stallone loves starring in action movies and most of the time those movies come out alright. However this one doesn’t hit that mark.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been describe by some as the man to call when you need to make people love your movies and give it the necessary boost. 5 clones of Johnson couldn’t have saved this movie which kept moving from one silly scene to other.

The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger had a good storyline however everything they had to offer in this movie could have been done in 50mins. Rather they decided to bore viewers with unnecessary scenes and dialogue and in the process increased the running time of the movie to over 140mins which will make you tired and annoyed by the time the movie comes to an end.

A Haunted House
Marlon Wayans is a good chap and could be amusing once in a while. However his spoof of movies like Paranormal Activity – A Haunted Mansion will irritate and annoy you rather than make you smile or succeed at making you laugh.

Runner Runner
A dull slow movie starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake which is predictable from the minute you read the synopsis. The acting doesn’t help either as most times it looks like the actors would rather be laughing than for them to be delivering their own lines.

Jack the Giant Slayer
Good actors, good director but a bad script which is what killed this movie making it silly and forgettable.

Scary Movie 5
These guys need that fictional “Chill Pill” and should stop with the Scary Movie franchise already. Now it just looks like they’re trying to top the immediate past ones in terms of breaking new levels of being terrible.

The Host
With the success of the Twilight franchise which was adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s novels, The Host (also written by her) was eyed by certain people as that next big thing. Unfortunately for them the reverse was the case as The Host is a laughable attempt at creating another hit.

Atlantic Rim
Supposed to be some sort of spoof of Pacific Rim, this movie from Jared Cohn should be wiped from everywhere it exists to avoid torturing more people.

This movie adaptation starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds has just one to describe it – TERRIBLE!!!

After Earth
Just when i was beginning to think M. Night Shyamalan could direct a new hit movie After Earth comes out. The Sci-Fi movie is merely an advert where Will Smith tries to sell his son Jaden Smith to the World as a real star. Unfortunately for the trio (Shyamalan and the Smiths), this one has too many things wrong with it and ends up being unarguably the worst movie of the year for many movie lovers.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. I feel really bad for The Host. Though the book was decent enough, the movie was just so completely terrible. It certainly didn’t do anything to help all the hate surrounding Stephenie Meyer (author of The Host).

  2. this list is soo wrong, come on G I joe was a very nyc movie, jack the giant slayer was also an epic movie whic i had to watch all over again….i dunno based on wat u classify awful movies by to mi/us ….ur list suck!!!

  3. I thought this list was supposed to say which movie came 1st and 15th? It seems not only do your have a very limited scope of movies that you viewed, but also your criteria/knowledge/analysis of films must be skewed to have put any of these films on here. I have actually watched all but 5 of them (The Host, The Purge, A Haunted House, Scary Movie 5 and Bullet to the head) and I vehemently disagree with any of the other 10 being among the worst movies of 2015. Please anyone who wants to watch the movies on this list, go out and see it for yourself for the writer above clearly doesn’t have a clue what a good or great movie is.

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