Widow Insult: Governor Adams Oshiomole Apologizes For Outburst

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After a video of him shouting at a widowed woman to “go and die” went viral on social media, Edo State governor Adams Oshiomole has tendered an apology for his actions.

The Governor, however, noted that he made the comments in anger.

Oshiomhole’s apology was made when the leadership of the Federation of Muslim Women’s Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN), paid him a courtesy visit in Benin.

He noted that though the challenge of modern times had bestowed on the shoulders of some women and single mothers the status of bread winners of their homes, such should not be used as an accuse to flout the laws.

The Governor urged the Muslim women leaders to use their offices to propagate the essence of healthy living among children and women in the nation and the need to maintain proper sanitary conditions in their neighbourhoods.

Oshiomhole lamented that the challenge of widowhood had also exposed children to different temptations, adding that there was the need for society to be careful, to avoid unwittingly creating more problems for the nation.

He noted that money was not the best thing that guaranteed ones happiness, “but honesty and selfless service.

The Governor added that if Muslims and Christians were adequately committed to their religious doctrines, the world would be a better place.

He urged the women to propagate the message of Islam through the nooks and crannies of the nation, and to also inculcate the values of honesty in their followers.

Oshiomhole, however, assured the association of government’s support in ensuring that its present leadership made remarkable progress and also consolidated on the successes of their predecessors.



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  1. As a labour leader, he was heralded as the champion of the masses. I wouldn’t believe he said those words if I hadn’t seen the video. There have been huge speculations about how political power alters people’s personality but Mr Oshiomhole’s appalling action took the cake, partly because it was caught on tape. It’s a shame how he demeans the lowly, those he claimed to protect back then, those whom he owes governance. How in the world has he changed so much for the worse? He’s a stattling example of someone on a “grace to grass trajectory.” http://about.me/idrisbusari

  2. This is a sad incident and we pray it does not reoccur. I use to have a great lot of respect and love for gov. Adams. I hope to be able to build up a new honor and respect for him now that he has apologized hoping it is structure and genuine one. He should look for this woman and release her goods to her. It should be however be noted that widowhood is not an excuse for lawlessness. She should desist from such acts. I wish the comrade the best and prayer for a controllable anger. The power of life and death is with the tongue.

  3. I think some Nigerians should get themselves enlightened before throwing unreasonable insults on the governor. The walk way was built for easy access on foot and not for trade. If some of you were in his shoes, I strongly believe you will do worse. I know the words he said were not right but thank God he acknowledge his wrongs and apologized. Let’s keep on praying for him because he is still the governor, it’s not easy to govern a people. I hope you guys would understand.

  4. You guys should get your head check, i swear. His he not a human being? And he has apologized and even helped the poor lady which turned out best for her, even if it is politics, the fact a governor can apologize in Nigeria is the greatest act. You are all quick to condemn,

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