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1. The way a man treats his mother mirrors how he is most likely going to treat you; A man who respects his mother, is always ready to help her and treats her well every step of the way is likely to treat his own woman the same way. And if he does the opposite of these things to his mother, well…

2. We are imperfect, so is love.

3. As much as it looks so amazing in movies and we yearn for that type of love, the perfect love in movies exists nowhere.

4. In love and relationships we should be more independent than we are dependent. It is the best way to make it work.

5. Love is more than an experience, it is a period where you grow and learn.

6. Trust and Love go together. So you cannot love your partner and not trust him or her.

7. Put your marriage first before your children, because you can only raise happy and strong kids when your marriage is happy and solid. Most importantly, never let one suffer for the other.

8. Have separate hobbies and activities, it is important because personal space is important for surviving life.



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  1. Can’t find any to disagree with. This is spot on. But note that a man’s love for his mother can mess up your relationship when it’s too much. At this point, it’s not mirroring nothing

  2. I don’t agree with some but I agree with some, but I believe if we love the way the bible says, love is patient, kind , blah blah, or even if we get all but try as hard 2. nothing stops it 4rm being perfect.

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