Video Of Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomole Maltreating A Widow Goes Viral [VIDEO]

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Social media networks in Nigeria have been a flurry of mostly insults at Adams Oshiomole after a video emerged of the Edo State governor insulting a widow.

The woman’s items had been confiscated by Oshiomole’s task force, and while she pled that she was a widow and wasn’t selling but waiting for transport, Oshiomole had applied, “You’re a widow? Go and die.”

Most people are shocked by the video, considering that he used to champion the masses cause when he was chairman of the NLC.

Power truly corrupts.

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  1. I believe there are always 2 sides to a story. What d lady did, selling things on d main road, was wrong according to d laws of edo state. Also what the Edo state gov. Comrade oshiomole did was simply an act of rage. As u see in d video he said ” u want to kill people on the road”. I believe in our years of experience we should know nigerians by now it is very possible, note I did not indicate any form of certainty, that this woman used that widow statement to plead n the governors more compassionate side as u see she did not use the statement initially but only after she noticed things going further down south. We should not be too hastey to judge even the bible says so. This video was simply political. This is simply a Governor doing what he was voted into office for.

    1. Everything is political. whatever she may have done. The governor was wrong. this are the people who voted for him. there is always a better way to do things.

    2. Absolute nonsense!!! Oshiomole should know better. He was elected into a position of authority based on his false claim of magic wand to make the life of ordinary people better but alas…What alternatives are there for the lady?
      Widow or not, there are many Nigerians in a similar situation. Besides, it can only be in Nigeria that the whims and caprices of an executive governor is necessary to clear a major road of street traders. The bottom line is that we have seen a typical Nigerian politician in action. No excuses, behind all the pretentious attitudes often showed on air; what we have seen is the real Nigerian political elite (typified by Oshiomole.
      This does not mean the opposition parties crying fouls would have done better.
      The onus is on Nigerians to elect their owns; everyday people who know what it means to be a commoner struggling to survive make end meet; who will be able to put structures in place to support those in need.
      Until such a time, there is no respite for the widows in us.


  2. Mr Governor, wiht due respect sir,l believe u know what it takes to be a widow and a widower of which you are One, the said widow will not die now but when God say it is time.

  3. It’s very sad and disappointing to see a Governor address a supposed widow d way this guy just did. A clear case of man’s inhumanity to man! D woman was wrong no doubt but Oshiomole displayed a blank affect similar to what one would expect from a guy with Parkinson’s disease or someone on hard drugs! I don’t know how he’ll say such words to a woman who’s less-privileged, crying and begging for him to temper justice with mercy! Our leaders obviously don’t give a damn about us! I wonder wot oshiomole has put in place for widows in his state? Rather, he goes around snatching their source of livelihood and openly and arrogantly asks them to commit suicide! Real DEMONSTRATION of CRAZE!

  4. Everybody is now better than Adams Oshiomole!!! Even wife beaters, including women who hit the heads of their housemaids against the wall. Everybody is now speaking against and advising Gov. Adams….

  5. all of you saying political, shut up ur mouth, if na your mama them do like that how u go feel? this is insane, him na God . he suppose use sense handle issue for public, him na military? a leader so quick to make decision is not a leader, apologize after nonsense is medicine after death.

  6. Most of our so-called labour and student leaders only use labour activism as a launchpad for political gains. We should have known better.

  7. As bad as what he did was, he apologized it takes a lot of humility for an African leader to admit he was wrong. He probably saw the video and was not happy with himself. We all make mistakes this obviously was definitely one of his. I think he should compensate the window and let’s all try to put this behind us and move on.

  8. 2million or apologies, na still wa for this my state governor sha. Is that how people shade wares in his village, everything so well packaged. Isn’t it obvious that she was waiting for transport. I happen to know that route pretty well. Its normal for him to act before thinking. Mtcheew

  9. @richmond are you blind can’t you see that all the goods she had were just bought? You’re talking about her using the widow statement to plead after being accused of trying to kill people when she obviously said “they said I should not come down”. Honestly I’m shocked at your response

    1. when matters arises, it is the consequencies of the actions that do bothers at heart. Even though the said woman or any other woman was trading along the prohibited parts, as a governor he should have handled the issue diplomatically. if a governor behaved this way what do we expect from the taskforce themselves?. Anyway, he has apologized which is something 90 percent of men can’nt do privately to their wives. l think we should emulate him. Even God himself Would be pleased with the governor because what God requires from us is a man with a contrite spirit.

  10. Watched this video and nearly cried…why would people be this wicked…they steal public funds and we just keep quite..this widow is feeding from hand to mouth yet u collect the very little she has…one day the poor will rise against the upper class of this country.Coming out to Apologise is a good step from the governor…but one thing I noticed in this video is that. Other people just looked on as the widow was being HUMILIATED…There is no unity in nigeria

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