Victim Of Sharkeisha Brutality Speaks Out, Shares Photos Of Wounds [PHOTOS]

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The victim in the viral Sharkeisha girl violence has spoken out about the incident.

KHOU Houston has identified the victim in the video as Shamichael Manuel, a 17-year-old student at Cypress Creek High School, who was attacked by Sharkeisha over a boy.

Shamichael told KHOU that she thought she was headed to a friend’s place to pick up some of her belongings when Sharkeisha, 16, viciously punched and kicked her.

“I was just in shock. I was like oh my God. Did she really do this? You’re supposed to be my close friend,” Manuel said.

“We were talking in school earlier that day. She made it seem like there was nothing wrong with her,” she added.

Sharkeisha or Sharkeysha, the correct spelling is still unknown, has not been arrested nor suspended from school since the beating took place off school grounds.

Manuel’s mother however has filed a police report with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.


Watch Sharkeisha’s brutal beating of Shamichael Manuel in the video below.




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  2. how is this girl not arrested for punching and wounding this girl like this which is on tape viewed world wide assualt??/ just think about that that girl should be held responsible for her actions just like anyone else it’s sad people only interested in mayhem and grief the public gets off on it

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