Turn Up For Jesus: Yvonne Nelson Shuts Down Cokobar Lounge For Her Birthday [PHOTOS]

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The beautiful Yvonne Nelson lit up  Cokobar London last night dressed in a two tone Alexander Wang corset dress to celebrate her birthday courtesy of  the Cokobar  brand.

Yvonne Nelson who turned 28 celebrated with fans who sent text messages to be added to the guest list. She was presented with a beautiful chocolate and gold cake surrounded with huge sparklers.

DJ Bayo was on hand to thrill the sexy actress and her fans.  Enjoy the pictures below.

Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_01_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_02_360nobsYvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_04_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_05_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_06_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_07_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_08_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_09_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_10_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_11_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_12_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_13_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_14_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_15_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_16_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_17_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_18_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_19_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_20_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_21_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_22_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_23_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_24_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_25_360nobs Yvonne Nelson Birthday_Cokobar_SyncPhotos_26_360nobs

Photos by: Daniel Sync/ Sync PHOTOS



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