@Tomilola_Coco Asks: Who would you choose as your Celeb Baby Daddy?

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So I saw this post on Glamour.com and I thought it would be fun and supa cool to actually do it on a Naija level. Like out of the remaining single “babyless” celeb guys(considering their norms these days is having baby mamas) who would you pick as your celeb baby daddy. Or who would you want as your celeb baby daddy that’s not on this list? And guys please share who you’d like to be your celeb baby mamas.

NB: this is supposed to be fun, I’m not saying having a baby daddy without committment is the best thing to do so don’t send insulting and shallow comments. Thanks.




We’ll pick this hottie to help us make babies anytime simply because those genes would be well appreciated when transferred to a mini him/her. Don’t ya think?



Wouldn’t it be nice to have an omo baba olowo’s little one? I mean some baby to inherit all that wealth from his daddy? A baby whose pacifier would be diamond crusted and who can own his own private jet if he wants?  And we wouldn’t mind those dimples Davido’s got too!  Especially on a baby girl!



Certainly, it would be “an on top of the world” feeling to have Mr Oyebanjo birth his little one through us. I mean all that success and hardwork and dedication would be passed on to the little one, you know.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu


He’s cute, he’s smart, he’s funny and bright. What more do we need to say to prove that this young man qualifies to be our celeb baby daddy?



A dash of our fave short black boy in our lives won’t be bad, no? We won’t mind to have his eyes, his face and that intelligence passed from him to a baby we’d carry in our belly.

Banky W


Simply because he looks gorgeous and excited carrying his little nephew, it means he’ll be such an ecstatic, dedicated and amazing daddy. Yes, we see that in his eyes!

Dj Xclusive


Beautiful skin, an amazing body, fine eyes and a smile that you can’t look away from to save your own life, our fave Dj, gives us a thousand and one reasons why we should consider him our baby daddy.



It’ll be good to have a child who would be different from the others and break from the norm to do something supa exciting…or don’t you think?

Wande Coal


That black mixed with a fair lady’s colour should produce an amazing shade of chocolate…or so I think.

Don Jazzy


Well, because he’s nobody’s daddy yet. That’s enough reason, yeah?



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