They Have Seen The Light: Akon, Wizkid Reject Dark-Skinned Girls For Video Shoot In Ghana

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Akon & Wizkid have come under fire for reportedly rejecting models for their video shoot because of their skin color.

According to, a model claimed she had been booked earlier for the video shoot, but was told that on getting there on the day of the shoot, that “they” only wanted half-caste girls.

According to the modelling agent, they were adamant and would not budge with their request for light-skinned models.

They have come under fire from fans for the decision, with many not expecting such racist behavior from African artistes.

Nigeria was, months back, ranked by Al Jazeera as the country most affected by bleaching, and this is the type of event that makes it worse.





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  1. Africans have an incredible amount of inferiority complex worldwide. We constantly racial profile, stereotype and discriminate against ourselves. And yes, I’m stereotyping right now too

  2. where do they think they come from…. I can maybe understand akon, he grew up.around them, whizkid I don’t. when did even start seeing them outside his t.v.

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