The Diggerz …Episode 6 by @Tomilola_coco

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“he was out there acting like an animal, without a care in the world, while we watched” Jaiye said, he was livid and trying to be calm, but trying to be get his anger under control had never been harder.

Jare had really over done it this time, he had caused himself to be seen by a third party, a non member of the Fowler clan and that irked Jaiye more than anything else. Jare had been pushing it with his homosexuality and his intention to not only do unthinkable things with a man but to also take that man to the altar.

He leaned by the door now and thought of the next line of action, he had barely met Nene, didn’t know her enough and didn’t know what she was capable of. Was she the type of person who would tell the whole world what she had just witnessed? What she going to be mum about it and act like she didn’t see a thing? The former was more likely, he knew that for sure. But maybe she wouldn’t tell the whole world, maybe she would just tell a few people who would tell the whole world. Damn Jare and his silliness! He thought.

“who is this person you said you were with?” His father inquired from the other end of the line.

Jaiye didn’t know how exactly to describe his relationship with Nene, the truth was at the moment, there was nothing to describe, they weren’t even friends.

“she is someone I just met”. He decided that answer would be good enough for his father, it didn’t reveal much and it was the absolute truth.

“Bring her home” Jide Fowler snr said and ended the conversation from the other end.

Nene emerged from the room where she had gone to clean up after messing up the floor earlier that night and she saw Jaiye standing by the entrance, waiting for her. She watched him as he slowly dragged his attention from what seemed like a serious conversation, to her. She swallowed hard, she had just stumbled on the biggest information ever, yes she had been digging for secrets, but nowhere in her wildest imagination had what she had just witnessed, come up. she was literally weak and she was still struggling to recover from the shock of finding out the Fowler family secret.

She looked pale and he wasn’t surprised, she had just witnessed two grown men acting like porn stars in the most unexpected place, but one thing she didn’t seem to know was that her life was about to change forever. Because, the Fowler family wouldn’t let her speak a word of what she had just seen and because they would go to the ends of the world to make sure she had enough reasons to shut up.

He smiled at her now and instinctively draped an arm around her shoulder, she looked tired and dazed, he would have liked to take her home but that would have been possible if only she didn’t just see his family’s dirty laundry.


The Fowler family had never been so serious about anything in their lives and at no point whatsoever had they all gathered together to discuss anything, they did celebrate Christmas together and Adele’s birthday brought everyone under the same roof, but that was about all.

Jide Fowler snr looked from Oluchi to the family lawyer now, he needed Nene to shut up forever and he was counting on both of them to find a way out. Oluchi was neck deep in work, finding out everything about Nene’s life and what secrets she had, if Nene had secrets that she would go to the ends of the world to protect, then they could dig that out and use it as some blackmail tool but that was just a last option if she tried to talk. Jide Fowler snr had insisted that blackmail shouldn’t be the first option, he didn’t really like the idea.

Jide Fowler jnr, Jire and Jaiye watched the duo intently, Jaiye had his spies watching Nene’s movement before now, but he hadn’t honestly bothered about what they found out. He hated that they were digging up things to use against her but he honestly loved his family and his mother greatly that he didn’t want anybody to know what was going on.

Adele would be greatly affected if the news ever went public and he didn’t want that. He watched Oluchi and the Lawyer stand up at different times, each one receiving separate calls and talking in hushed tones, and then he heard Oluchi say, “interesting. Keep talking Audu”  her face was lit instantly and she smiled what Jaiye always termed her best smile.

The call ended and she looked around the room, her face still bearing the smile “Sirs, we just found an amazing way out”.


Nene had never been more comfortable on a couch, she felt the soft leather with her hands and placed her legs on the couch, enjoying the couch and enjoying the beauty of the room the couch was in. She had never seen architectural design that good and she certainly had never seen furniture with so much grandeur.


Nene sprang up in shock, she had not been expecting to see any member of the clan in the room. She had watched all of them, except Jo Fowler of course, walk in some minutes ago to discuss what she knew had to do with what she had just witnessed at the grand Fowler hotel.

Jo Fowler watched Nene get up on her feet so fast she almost fell back into the couch, she smiled but felt sorry for startling her, it was never her intention.

“I’m sorry for startling you.” She said and Nene nodded, Nene had seen gazillion pictures of the Fowler princess but not once had it occurred to her that she was overwhelmingly beautiful, more beautiful than she was in pictures. She was slim, with endlessly long legs and even though she didn’t have a huge behind and big boobs, she was curvy. She had high cheekbones and her nose looked like it was drawn by a fine artist and fixed on her face.

“where are the guys?” Jo asked and Nene pointed, it was the only response she could give at the moment because she was tongue tied, thanks to the intimidating presence of the Fowler princess.


Nene watched her disappear into the room.

“her sister currently has an affair with EFCC’s biggest enemy Chief Kokonsari aka Chief Koko who we all know peddles drug and we can always fix a camera in his suite and get a sex tape that would make Nene shut up forever.”

Oluchi looked around the room for approval, the men exchange glances as Jo walked into the room.

“Your girlfriend is cute Jay. You better marry this one” She said and everyone turned to look at her, everyone including Jaiye.

“what?” she shrugged, “she is cute.”

Jire laughed, “That’s the least of our problems now Jo”

“Marry her and start a family, look on the bright side, she would never tell the world the family secret”.

Jide Fowler snr frowned and immediately got everyone’s attention away from his daughter with his next statement, “now that’s a better and cleaner plan than blackmail.”

“Dad” Jaiye called, they didn’t know Nene wasn’t exactly his girlfriend, neither was she someone he was trying to marry, he was only trying to help her with her situation. He sighed, how did they even get here? She had come for an appointment and the night had grown so long with a whole lot of things happening that he had almost forgotten the real reason she was around.

“Marry her Jaiye. Make the woman your wife and get this problem off all our plates”

Jaiye looked at his father, the older Fowler man was serious.




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  1. Ds is really nice; welldone. pls make d next episode longer cos ds is really short though i knw writing is more strenuous dn reading. The Lord is your strength, tnx.

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