Ten Rules Of Colour For The Face

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In order to ensure some of us don’t walk around looking like colour palette, I’ve found the rules of colour for the face.

-Make it uniform. When you use a certain colour for your lip, use the same tone for your blush. For instance, if you’re using a bright pink lipstick, use a rose blusher for your cheekbones. Don’t go to the extremes with colours.

-Whatever works for you. If you prefer liquid foundation to stick foundation for instance because you believe it is easier to work on your face, then stick with that. If you prefer eye shadow powder to cream, then by all means stick with that. Don’t try anything ‘new’ that might end up ruining the whole face.

-Mix textures. “If you are going for a matt lip, choose a metallic finish for your eyes” says top make up artist Liz Pugh.

-It don’t have to be neon. Yes neon colours are working a lot at the moment but sometimes it doesn’t have to be that to look pretty. You could try tangerine orange or royal blue. Any colour that’s not “screaming” like neon would.

-Stick to one colour on the eyes. If you aren’t a pro with the colour mixing, stick to safe colours. Like deep purple, blue or emerald green.



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