Kilaju: Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee Reveals Why he Hates DC Comics’ SUPERMAN

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In the latest episode of his video series “Stan’s Rants“, Stan Lee who helped create a number of characters for Marvel Comics such as Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor comes clean on why exactly he hates one of DC comics’ best characters, Superman.

Stan opens the episode by announcing that he hates stories that fool the readers and movies that fools the public- like Superman. Going into how exactly “Superman” fools people, Stan points out that the manner with which Superman flies is just ridiculous and goes on to compare it with the way one of his own characters, Thor, flies.

Obviously holes could be put through his theory which states that Thor’s method of flying is actually feasible and scientifically correct. However it seems Stan Lee just wants to rant and doesn’t care what fanboys think.

Check out the video below.

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