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They simply include;

1. Phone charger- forgive me for putting this as number one, but in this era of batteries going out after a couple of hours leaving you with nothing to contact the outside world if anything happens, you need to go everywhere, even a date with your phone charger. So you can charge and call if it goes flat and you desperately need to make a call.

2. A tissue or handkerchief- Women usually have this in their handbags, I mean I hardly move around without tissue in my bag. But men, rarely do this. However, it is as necessary for men as it is for women. Now nobody is asking you to carry a huge roll of tissue paper in your pocket Mister, just have handkerchief with you in case of anything.

3. Cash- I know some women still foolishly go on dates without holding even five naira note just in case they become stranded or anything remotely happens while they are out. I don’t know why some people still do this, but as a woman going on a date, PLEASE, always carry enough cash to take you back home safely should the need arise. My good friend, Amanda calls it “Vex money”. Never run out of that. and guys, there is no need for me to tell you to hold money while on a date with a woman is there?

4. Meds- this is specifically for people who are on some sort of medication. If you would be going on a date and you have to use your drugs by 7pm for instance, but the date starts for 6pm, just take your meds with you okay?

5. Chapstick- just in case your lips are chapped. Or too dry. Or too horrible to look at. Always have this in your purse, Ladies!

6. Deodorant– For the remote chance that you might not be smelling your best and you don’t have to carry the huge on, just the small ones that can fit into your purse. It would return your confidence, I promise you.



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  1. I find it disgusting that the guy who pays for the date has to pay for transport. What’s wrong with females? I mean it’s allowed of the chick is broke but not all the time naw

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