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So, we kicked off something interesting with our followers on twitter – a discussion of some sort, were we offer different subject matters. The areas of discussion would vary from funny to serious issues to burning topics and general society/lifestyle observations from our point of view – every one gets a chance to chip in their 150 characters.

These @360nobs discussions would take place about twice a week.  Our current subject is based on the rules of being a SIDE CHICK.  A Side-Chick is someone who sees someone who already has a main girl/main squeeze or even married in some cases.  As a side-chick, there are things you should know lest you ruin the fun/blow your cover. We discussed this on twitter @360Nobs yesterday and these were the best replies – male/female/young/old – we got. Enjoy.   Do feel free to add yours in the comment box below.

  • The side chick should send you nudes when you’re down.
  • The side chick should not know your house – so she doesn’t start picturing herself as the madam
  • A side chick shouldn’t know the other side chicks (if you have more than one) so they don’t form a coven.
  • As a code, the side chick shouldn’t pick your calls when she’s on her period.
  • A side chick must never follow the mainchick/man on social network (she shouldn’t even know of its existence)
  • A side chick should never bring up the word ‘love’, remember we’re business partners?
  • The side chick shouldn’t listen to Drake – DMX is better off.
  • A side chick is not allowed to touch your phone only if it’s temple run she’s playing on that shit.
  • Side chicks aren’t allowed to have their period same time as the main chick.
  • No PDA as a side chick. Don’t hold his hand in public.
  • Side chicks shouldn’t save his number. Memorize it. He should save it as “Nneka cleaning services”, “Ogenna Bank marketer”
  • Side chicks should not attend same church as the main chick.
  • Side chicks must be straight when they pick up calls “Who’s this?” No need for the “Hey boo”
  • No pet name calling, for the side chick.
  • A side chick shouldn’t take pictures when both of you are together.
  • Side chick shouldn’t meet family. (Some be like “I want to meet mama”, “Who is your mother ehn?)
  • A side chick should see herself as ‘molue’, still available for everyone. The main chick is BRT (on her lane)
  • A side chick shouldn’t call at anytime, even in cases of emergency.
  • A side chick shouldn’t have a picture of the man on your phone (wetin dey cause that kain familiarity)
  • A side chick should never see the man in her dream. That’s the duty of the main chick.
  • A side chick should never talk about Future, only if she’s talking about the musician.
  • A side chick should never bring her friends over except it’s a threesome.
  • A side chick shouldn’t be on your skype/facetime contact. We only see in person, b.
  • If the side chick finally becomes a main chick, please don’t look out for another side chick.

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  1. side chicks should always know they ar the side chick..if its given right..im sure she ll b down…especially if ur the second string..jst becareful to not break her off too good..

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