Shameless: Kate Henshaw Mocks Contestant’s Name On Nigeria’s Got Talent, Tells Him To Shut Up [VIDEO]

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Kate Henshaw showed a high level of unprofessionalism as she and fellow Nigerian’s Got Talent judge Dan Foster made manic fun of a contestant at the show’s audition in Port Harcourt.

They laughed and made fun at the contestant because his name was Heaven, and Kate Henshaw threatened him not to sing or else she was going to walk out.

If he should shut up Aunty Kate, what then did he come for?

The organizers of Nigeria’s Got Talent should tell their judges that they are trying to find talent, not kill people’s confidence.

Watch Kate Henshaw’s shameless behavior below.




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  1. We already know that even people that don’t have ta talk less of talent are gonna attempt to get the price money.. but that was really unprofessional of kate & Dan.. too dramatic if u ask me.. as judges, u shld give/deny access but not shoot down & tramp on peoples personality.

  2. What is unprofessional about it? When Simon Cowell (idols) does the same you people laugh with him and say he is doing the awful contestants a huge favour.. The guy was awful and deserves what he got, he can’t make it singing with that kind of voice, so why sugar coat it

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