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Friendships are by far the strongest type of relationships anybody can have and when a marriage is built on friendship, it is no surprise that it lasts a very long time.

However, even in the strongest friendships ever, there are some things you should never divulge to your closest girlfriend or buddy.

Your partner’s income; This is especially for the ladies, how much your man earns is really none of your bestie’s business. It is between you and your man and shouldn’t involve a third party, not even your girlfriend who has been with you since you were a toddler.

It is easy, if your friends know your man’s financial strength, they are most likely to judge you by it and make suggestions they wouldn’t follow themselves.

And for men, imagine when you tell your guys everytime you all hook up to watch soccer about how much your wife makes and what she buys in the house(especially when she makes more), imagine what it would make them think of her? What they would suggest? Keep your spouse’s finances to yourself.

What your partner is in the dark about; anything your partner does not know about should not be shared with your friend(s). for instance, you hated the fact that him/her once again didn’t do what they promised to do and you are tired of telling them and instead of taking this to them one more time, you decide to call your friend to talk about it.

Put down the phone and face your man/woman, because really it is their business not the person’s at the other end of the line.

Your partner’s sexual strength; okay, so y’all had such a steamy night last night, with the sex sweeter than honey and bonding you both in ways you never thought it could and so you feel so refreshed and amazing this morning you decided to share it with your friends during lunch break.

Slow down right there okay. That little piece of information should not leave the room or the two of you who engaged in the act. If you feel so strongly about talking about it, then pick your phone, text your husband/wife and tell them this. This can even form more bonding if the texts get steamy enough and make you both yearn for each other all over again.

Your partner’s wrongdoing; no matter how many times you might feel wronged by your partner, never tell your friends about it. Do not keep going on and on about the things he or she does and never stops doing, your friends might give you good advice but chances are that the more you talk about it, the more they would secretly wish you stop.

Your partner’s secret; I really don’t know what would make you think it is okay for you to share secrets your other half tells you with close friends, but if by chance you fall into this category and you don’t think it is wrong in the slightest bit, then here I am to tell you, it is absolutely, hundred percent wrong.

A man or woman who you are in a relationship with and who confides in you trusts you enough to tell you those things, now as a mature minded individual, you are expected to keep this things inside, shut your mouth and open your heart to your partner. Don’t go off telling your friends whatever you have been told.

Your partner’s life history; do you know A was constantly abused as a little girl/boy? do you know B’s first kiss was with a woman older than him? Do you know in A’s family this is how they do things? weird right?

None of those should ever escape your mouth while speaking to your friends about your partner. The way they grew up, the things they did that they aren’t proud of, the things that happened to them and they wish they could forget and everything that contributed to who they are should not be divulged to others, not even your best friend.

If they wanted the world to know, they would find a media outlet to do that through, so don’t run the errand you haven’t been sent.



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