Real G: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend While Battle-Rapping In Front Of 1,000 Fans [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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In what is gonna be one of the most romantic proposals ever, a man turned battle rapping on stage to a marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

Adam Felman, 24, asked his girlfriend of two-and-half-years Jacqueline Harper, 23, to marry him after rapping about his feelings for her in front of the crowd during a battle in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Mr Felman, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, who raps under the name Mos Prob – a pun on US rapper Mos Def – told MailOnline he wanted use an original rather than traditional method for the proposal.

He added: ‘It worked out. It was really hot on stage, it’s the biggest stage I’ve ever battled on – and it got to halfway through the third round and I was like “okay, it’s actually going to happen”.

‘I knew it was right, and it could’ve gone terribly. The crowd were quite quiet and they didn’t really know what was going on. Then they cottoned on at one moment and I had the confidence to go on.

Check out the whole rap below:

A lot of people try to prove they’re real through battle leagues

A proud display of strength they’ve revealed through casualties

I’m gonna take off the name ‘Prob’ in a wilful amnesty

These next few bars I’m gonna don my real dude hat for these

People think it’s mad for such a man as me to be on the battle scene

But the fact that you engage so actively with that part of my personality means it never hassles me when detractors speak

And packed between a bilateral lack of sleep you’re a fantastic friend to have with me – so just know that these are not Mos Prob jokes, but Adam’s speech

This is a silk tapestry of two people who found still moods on manic streets

From a chance encounter we’ve built new happy dreams

And pillow talk over chill blue clashing seas is something I can no longer still do happily

So Jackie, you’ve helped me real through bad defeat

So even though you and two can compete to rap with me as a team

Even when I can feel you nagging me. Even when a man hates to translate from diapers to nappies and the last thing your family had planned was me

Even when come that age you got mildewed sagging teats and I’m a dad to be who’s scratching me like an angry beast or there’s a tragedy and by your side is where I have to be

Our hearts speak plain like a DJ the way they’re matching beats

So although I’m about to get lambasted on track repeat for attempting this in a battle, please

I’d kill for you Jackie, I love you, will you marry me?

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