R. Kelly Endorses Lady GaGa – “Meeting Her Was Like Meeting My Match”

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Singer R. Kelly has described working with Lady Gaga as “off the chain”.

The pair performed Gaga’s song Do What You Want at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

According to R. Kelly, working with Gaga both inspired him and made him envious.

‘Man, it was off the chain,’ the musician said. ‘Meeting Lady Gaga was meeting my match, like I was looking in a mirror. It’s unbelievable.’

In their performance, R. Kelly was the President while Gaga was a Marilyn Monroe-esque figure. The performance featured a faux Oval Office complete with a big desk.

R. Kelly has great appreciation for the pop star’s eccentric style, and her gift for getting attention. When asked about Gaga’s entrance, the R&B singer joked that he was jealous.

‘The only thing I could think when she did that was why the f**k didn’t I think of that? It’s all good,’ he told TMZ.

The Ignition star has been in the music business for over two decades. He admits he never believed his career would last as long as it has, and says making music has always been his passion.

‘I didn’t see this kind of longevity, but I just knew I had a lot of energy and [I’ve] still got a lot of energy to this day,’ he told The Boombox.

‘[I] just love this music, man. I never wanted to be, or never set out to be, an artist that was here today and gone tomorrow – a one-hit-wonder – but I didn’t anticipate [being in the music business for] 20 something years.’




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  1. Robert…. u.sure it was only the performance that impressed u, coz I don’t know him like he know him but I don’t see anything that “matches” those 2.

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