Phone Review: The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 – The Perfect Paperless Solution by @jesseoguns

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Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is an updated version of the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 with additional perks and wow effects. Stunning was more common with Apple’s iPhones in the past. Right now, Samsung is stealing the show and GALAXY phones are now as cool as ever. iPhone fans must be very jealous now.

One can’t help but respect the strides of Samsung. They keep pushing the envelopes by building on their existing product lines to continue succeeding and be more appealing to their customers.

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 was launched in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other different cities across Nigeria. Gone are the days that phones are launched publicly and we in Nigeria would have to wait weeks before it was made available to the Nigerian market. As the Note 3 was made available in other markets, it launched here in Lagos too.

My Experience with the Samsung GALAXY Note range of phones

When the first generation Note was released, I took no interest in it. I was one of the people who saw it as creepy and a product line Samsung shouldn’t have made. Samsung has defied all rules and processes and they keep winning. I bought the Samsung GALAXY Note II and used it for two weeks. I liked it but it still felt too bulky.

I took interest in the Note 3 based on its architecture. Its bezels have been made thinner and the screen has been extended edge to edge to accommodate more screen real estate and it comes with a 5.8” screen size . The camera has also been bumped to 13 Megapixels.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung in its slogan says the Samsung GALAXY Note isn’t for everyone. In interviews and press releases, the top management at Samsung keep stating that the Note family are phones made for people who want a larger screen. If you are one of those people, you’re definitely going to love the awesomeness packed in the Note 3.

The Note 3 Keyboard

I have never been satisfied with the traditional keyboard of any Samsung GALAXY device. I have always relied on SwiftKey, a premium keyboard that is available on the Google Play Store. It is a different story with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3. The native keyboard acts as if it has been built with SwiftKey code base. Just makes typing a joy. I bet if you’re the type that loves SwiftKey, you’ll love the native keyboard on the Note 3. I give Samsung an 8/10 here.

The S Pen

The S Pen

It is one of the super-cool and distinguishing features of the GALAXY Note family. While we were all thinking the Stylus is dead, Samsung re-invents it. I think Samsung is the David of our time, breaking all conventions and killing Goliaths. I’m not the only one that enjoys using the S – Pen, most of the people who have the Note 3 enjoy using the S  Pen. You can use the S Pen for handwriting to text while the phone detects exactly what you are trying to write. Even if you have a very terrible handwriting, the phone will still detect it while autosuggesting other words you may be trying to write.

Handwriting into Text

The accuracy of the handwriting feature of the Note 3 is awesome. If you haven’t used a Stylus before or in a long time, just spending a day with the S Pen on the Note 3 will see you being comfortable. It isn’t difficult to adjust to. Even if your handwriting is wobbly like mine, the autocorrect feature will detect what it is you’re trying to write and will offer you some suggestions in the case you aren’t accurate with what you have written.

Action Memo

The S Pen can be used to activate the Air Command by hitting the button that is by the side of the Pen twice.  When the Action Memo is activated, you’ll have the Pen, Eraser, Link to Action, Background Colour, Minimise, Hide, List View, Close and Save. You can decide what you want to do with the Action Memo considering the options that are available when the Action Memo is called up.

You can be reading a PDF file, an Email or a blog post and need to make some notes based on what you are reading. Instead of looking for a note or post it, you can easily call out the Action Memo. See picture below.



If you are a content collector/developer/creator/researcher, you’ll find this feature very useful. With ease, you can be on a page reading an article and decide to copy a paragraph on to your Scrapbook. If there’s a link in the article you’re cutting from, it is detected in a smart way and visible as a link on your Scrap Book. Once the paragraph is copied to your Scrapbook, you can tag the content and add notes to it.


I had to do a screenshot of the image above before I could share it here. Why? There’s a limit to the file created with the Scrapbook. The file you create with the Scrapbook is coded in .scc format. This format cannot be opened on my iPhone or my MacBook except on another Samsung GALAXY Note 3. The other option you’ll have then is to send the file as Image + Text. The Scrapbook file (scc) won’t work except you have the Scraapbook app on your device. The Scapbook app wasn’t available for my Samsung GALAXY Mega 5.8.”

Screen Write

Takes a snapshot of the page you are on and allows you to write on it. Once that is done, you can go ahead and save it or share it via email, to Twitter, Instagram or the numerous other apps that you can share with on your Note 3.


S Finder

This allows you to search for content on your device and find more on the web. Using the Handwriting search feature, you can also search for symbols and solutions to formulas. You might find this handy too.

Finally we have the Pen Window which allows you to draw a box anywhere on your screen from any app you are working on and call out some of the apps that are listed among the apps already pre-selected by Samsung. The apps that you can choose from are; Calculator, Clock, YouTube, Phone (call), Contacts, ChatON, Hangout and Samsung Browser (Internet). You can call the Pen Window out a couple of times and run multiple apps at the same time on one window on the phone. While I won’t be doing this, each time I show it up to people, they are wowed and want to cop a Note 3 for themselves.


PS: I have already crossed the 1,000-word mark. There’s so much awesomeness in the Note 3. 

The battery and USB 3.0

The battery is superb. I get more than 12 hours use from it. While some people are complaining to me that their own battery do not last, the unit I used for this review that I won in a Samsung event has impressive battery life even while tasking it vigorously.

The USB 3.0 port and the charger that comes with the phone charges the phone very fast. Another plus of the USB 3.0 is that when transferring files to your phone or from your phone to your laptop, it is superbly fast.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I am scoring the Samsung GALAXY Note III –  8/10. If the 5.8” size isn’t too large for you, go ahead and pick one for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.



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  1. @Fola – The idea isn’t to discourage usage of any particular model of the the note series @ a particular time. As long as it meets your expectations at a particular time, enjoy it. If a new one comes, trade the old in or rock ya thing and ignore the newer version. I have used my note II for 14-months now. I absolutely admire the changes made so far, and so have ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9002 with dual SIM card support. That is the beast. These machines last for a lifetime. So its strictly up to you to upgrade when a newer arrives.

  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest much talked about gadget now a days. It is providing it a totally new experience to its users. It comes with all new features….

  3. Jesse you posted great article . one can easily got all the significant information regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in your article. I have been using Note 3 since it was launched however, my wife has recently bought it

  4. The Galaxy Note series by Samsung is a wonderful innovation and I agreed with the writer that it makes things paperless. For instance, if we are on call and want to write anything like contact number or address spoken by caller then simply double tap on the screen brings “Quick Note Pad” on which we can write with our S-Pen. That’s why Note 3 is my favourite 🙂

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