Official Trailer For Habeeb Lawal’s Documentary VEIL OF SILENCE

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Director Habeeb Lawal has put out the trailer for his documentary Veil of Silence which focuses on homosexuality and the stigma/reaction surrounding it in Nigeria.

Cinematography of the documentary was handled by Emmy Award winner, Greg Harriott with Zishun Ning and Joe Parker working as editor and asst. editor respectively.

Here is the official outline for the documentary followed by the trailer.

On the brink of an impending law that could re-write their destinies, young group of sexual minorities in Nigeria defy all odds in the pursuit of happiness. In the midst of all, their strength, resilience, vulnerability is brought to fore in this informative and mind-blowing documentary

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. I find homosexuality disgusting and the thought makes me want to puke. I will never support it but neither will I hate, abuse or beat a gay man. So they can go ahead and their nasty stuff. It’s God that will judge. But please try women abeg

  2. First comment, I like the quality of this. Can Asaba people learn from the quality that this was produced in? Secondly, I don’t know why you have chosen to discuss this subject but I think it best known to you. I do believe justice belong to all even if they gay. I don’t have a stand on the issue yet but I did like to learn home about what being gay means and how people become gay. I know there is a lot with society stereotype and norm but conversation can change this.

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