New Video: Janelia | Love Song [Omo Oba] f. Femi Sanya

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After a two year hiatus Janelia returns to the Nigerian music scene with the remix of Love Song in Yoruba AKA “Omo Oba” featuring Femi Sanya. The Nigerian-American singer is planning to tour Nigeria in November and December 2013. At this time the music video hits the airwaves and fans can get a free download of the track on her website.

As Janelia was planning her return to the music scene, she told people she was going to record a song that combined soul music with traditional Nigerian tungba music and they told her she was crazy. However, she and Femi Sanya proved them wrong with this new single that celebrates a universal theme which is the love and union between a man and a woman. In this case, the prince and the princess or in yoruba, “Omo Oba“.



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