Watch The New Nigerian Historical Thriller from Daniel Effiong and Seun Ajayi – CRIMSON

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Daniel Etim Effiong recently put out the first two episodes of his 3-part web series titled Crimson a series of short factitious thrillers loosely based on several mysteries within Nigeria’s intriguing political space.

Amazing Grace is the first of 3 shorts based in one location about a veteran drug courier, caught in between the devil and the dip blue sea. She must now find a way out all by herself after she is sold out to the authorities by her powerful boss.

The second episode, Your Cup of Tea, is about “Chief ” a former Head of State who is accused of plotting to overthrow the government. He employs every tick in the book to wriggle his way out of trouble but finds out his worst fears have come from his past to haunt him. Akin, the government agent in charge of the interrogation is hellbent on proving his case and HE IS NEVER WRONG.

Both episodes released so far have one thing in common, the brilliant nature with which they were executed and developed for viewers. They were obviously not rushed and as such time was taken to work on the details and the story.

Check out both episodes below and let us know what you think of actors Seun Ajayi and Najite Dede at work.

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Mistah Cole

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