Money Balloons: Cossy Orjiakor Gives Her Breasts Names, Insures Them For N253million

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They say its good to protect your future, and actress Cossy Orjiakor has done just that by reportedly insuring her breasts for the sum of $1.6million.

The breasts were insured with the Enhanced Silicon Incorporated company – responsible for insuring breasts of famous foreign celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton.

Reports have it that Cossy insured her massive boobs after a meeting with an American friend that facilitated the deal with the alleged American company.

Cossy was quoted to have said, “I specifically asked for $1.6 million,The downside of the deal is that I may get dressed more often.’

Further information shows that there will be limits on how many men and women who would touch have the opportunity to feel or touch Cossy’s breasts each month.

Furthermore, the breasts have all been given names and must now be treated as people in future movie roles, which means that Enhanced Silicon Inc. will determine how much a movie producer will pay each breasts for an appearance in a movie.



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