Made In Nigeria: Maducholuchi Presents Latest Collection From Shoe Line

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Maducholuchi, the international premium footwear brand, which is based in Nigeria, presents its latest collection, aptly titled The Gentleman.

This collection consists of eleven distinct designs handcrafted by local talents in the region.  These pairs are available on With a taste for luxury and interest in developing and investing in the economy, Maducholuchi chooses to produce in West Africa at a higher cost.

The brand, which takes great pride in its African heritage, class and simplicity, seeks to create job opportunities for skilled Nigerians through training workshops for Maducholuchi.

According to the Sales and BDM director, Graham Chike “this is because of the ‘drive’ at Maducho Luchi, the need to better lives in developing economies in Africa. We have started in our small ways, creating jobs for people by training them with shoe production skills and letting them be part of the process. Our goal is to set up a shoe plant that would create 1000 or more jobs in Nigeria and to replicate this model across Africa.”

The MaduchoLuchi give back foundation was birthed because of the need to continue creating avenues where wealth is distributed from the rich to the less privileged. This is done by donating a percentage of profit on each pair of shoes sold to the foundation. Maducholuchi also partners with various charities and is in the process of organizing one soon.

For more information about the Maducholuchi give back foundation and inquiries about the latest collection, please contact

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