#LetterToMyNext: “I Will Be True To You” by @areurmikun

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Happy Thursday folks!

We stay keeping it real on the Letter To My Next series, and tpday it’s @areurmikun showing her romantic side.


Dear Next,

I have been through it all. I have given all my love, my all and everything and it still seems I have done nothing. I have made mistakes, I have let golden opportunities pass me by. But for you I want to be the best, I want you to take me for who I am, accept my flaws, accept my past and know that I no longer live there. I have passed that phase, I used to park there and that has turned me into a bitter person, letting it over-rule some of my decisions, but not anymore, for you its nothing but the best.

I would trust you, and make sure we walk hand in hand to make this ship called Relationship work. Through my past relationship I have not only been lazy but sometimes unappreciative, (yes I am letting it all out because you will get none of that) everyday I am loving the woman I have become,and I won’t stop until I become the best, good enough for me, you and everyone around me.

I never used to be thankful, but now I am thankful for all I have got. I am even thankful in anticipation for you. And I am not in a rush to meet you, I am not sitting here doing nothing but wait for Mr Right, I’m also working on being Mrs Right, so that you will have nothing but the best! I have so many things to say to you when you are finally here, and everyday as I strive to draw more closer to my source which is none but God, I know I am closer to you.

I hope you also take your time, groom yourself be the perfect gentleman, if you have that thing they call “all men cheat syndrome” in you eradicate it because I am going to be true to you. Incline your heart to God each day, because its not just by mere saying that you are God-fearing ,put it into actions. Keep grooming yourself and never stop till you become the best.

I hope that when you are finally here, I’m able to be the woman of your dreams,putting smiles on your face, staying with you through the high and low times, making your pain mine and your Joy mine,and I believe that all will be well, so for now keep smiling and stay thankful.

– @areurmikun

Wow. Yet another deep letter.

See you again tomorrow for another #LetterToMyNext!



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  1. I like that she’s not just expecting Mr. Right,but also working to be Mrs. Right.I also like that she recognizez God’s importance…good work.

  2. It’s a good thing that she’s. Trying to be the best and good enough for evryone and I like the part were she’s also trying to be the. Miss right for him and also involving God

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