#LetterToMyNext: “Be My Knight, My Friend, Lover & Brother” By @dcskylar

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TGIF people!!!

It’s officially a week since we started the Letter To My Next series started, and it’s still going strong! So many letters!

Today we have @dcskylar. Enjoy!

Dear Next,

More often than not I find myself questioning a lot of things. Does true love ever exist, does it really conquer all odds, will a man ever love me as God loves the church, Would he be able to stand by me, with me and ahead of me? Am I just wallowing in the era of mere fantasies and no factuality?

I want to say I love you and not question that. I want to hear you say it and mean it. I want us to fight and make up right after. I want you to yell at me but only constructively as I can be very stubborn, do not yell to turn tables. I want to be your best friend, the kind you can be free with and do crazy things with. I can be your partner in crime, devoid of shyness.

I can love you and dote on you, to the moon and back, I don’t wanna be shy to love and love completely, I want your promises not to be empty but full of worth and honor. Be my knight, my friend, lover and brother. Kiss me like its going to be our last, hold me as though the world were ending, see the world through my eyes, take me round the world and through the clouds with your love making, lay with me, cuddle and don’t let me go.

If things were said trust me and confide in me, even if I may have no solution be sure and certain of my unending promise of listening. If the tears threaten, trust me not to mock you but lay subtle kisses on your forehead and Heck! Even cry with you.

These may seem extreme but I am capable, as you would be too. Lay your cards on the table, let it show hearts, do not be shy to express your emotional side and macho side. I would break whatever makes you break and wet whatever makes you tear. I will hurt whatever makes you hurt and promise a promise that I would never leave your side except you want me to…

– @dcskylar.

Awwwn! So sweet! Happy Friday folks!



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