Justin Bieber Throws Wild Party In Brazil, Makes Guests Sign N486million Confidentiality Agreement

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Justin Bieber wanted to throw a party so wild those who didn’t attend who be shocked went down, so he made all guests sign a confidentiality agreement of 3 million dollars not to talk about it.

Strippers, naked beer pong, celebrity guests and police complaints have all been recorded after the 19-year-old’s Great Gatsby-themed party went down in Brazil last week.

One stripper has come forward to claim she managed to scramble together N204,000 ($1,300) off the floor after the Beauty & A Beat singer allegedly rained 10,000 one-dollar bills over his audience during a particularly crass example of his wealth.

Police were said to have arrived on the scene three times after noise complaints were lodged by neighbours, TMZ reported.

Meanwhile, guests including Snoop Dogg, T.I. and bad-boy singer Chris Brown helped themselves to booze from three open bars – with Snoop reportedly engaging in naked beer pong with female partygoers.

Attendees were allegedly asked to agree not to tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, write or in any other manner detail what went on or risk being sued for millions.



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