Justin Bieber Angers Argentina

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After Justin Bieber got into trouble in Brazil for drawing graffiti on a wall, the 19-year-old singer unwittingly infuriated Argentine fans by appearing to sweep their flag offstage with his foot during a recent concert. He took to Twitter to issue an apology for the incident, which he says was just a big misunderstanding on his part.


He continued:


That wasn’t the end of the apology, though.


Videos of the incident have surfaced in which Bieber is singing to his fans when two Argentinian flags are tossed onto the stage. He then proceeds to sweep the items off stage with his shoes and the microphone pole. (In Argentina, disrespecting the flag is a crime worthy of punishment up to four years behind bars.)
The Argentine leg of Bieber’s tour has been a rocky one. He had to leave his hotel Friday night due to a gaggle of girls destroying hotel property. “Unfortunately this has happened before,” his rep commented to Us Weekly. “Too many fans show up and create a security issue, requiring Justin to find other accommodations.”
On Sunday, the 19-year-old Canadian singer posted a selfie on Twitter posing with an IV drip preceding his show. Bieber, who did not want to disappoint fans, managed to perform for an hour before he apologetically announced, “I’m not feeling too good, I think I’m out of energy.” He was then booed off stage.
The singer, who seemed to recoup by Monday, shared a photo with his manager Scooter Braun. The shot captured the two smiling and playing with a group of local children.



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