It Was Film Trick: Nikki Samonas – “I Never Had Sex With Jim Iyke” + Video Of Their ‘Sex’ Scene

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Nikki Samonas has acted erotic scenes with Jim Iyke, but says she never had sex with the Nollywood bad boy.

“Yes! Jim Iyke and I have done a lot of movies together. It is through Jim Iyke that I shot my first movie in Nigeria. Yes we starred in a particular movie and a movie is a movie. It is make believe so whatever you saw in the movie is make believe. We did it that way to show people that things like this happen but it doesn’t mean it really happened”.

About what went on between her and Jim Iyke both on and off the cameras she emphasized was only for the time they were working together like actors do. There was nothing between them.

“After the movie came out there were rumours that we were dating. No! There was absolutely nothing going between us. I never dated Jim Iyke and I never had sex with Jim Iyke. I haven’t done anything like that with him, whatever I have done with Jim Iyke is strictly business so what you see us doing in the movie is make believe”.
Watch part of the scene below.



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