I Came To Lagos For Vandalism

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Lagos is known as the Center of Excellence. A melting pot of diverse peoples. Lots of talented/skilled people come to Lagos to pursue their dreams and achieve success from fields over like entertainment, computing, fashion, etc. Well, I have good news for you ladies and gentlemen – a new profession has been added to the list. Meet 15 year old Sani Musa who came to Lagos for pipeline vandalism!

The young man travelled all the way from Jos where he had to leave because of poverty and the unrest in the city.

Sani said, “My family could barely feed and there was no money for my education. My father advised me when I was 14 that I was old enough to travel down to Lagos and make money for the family.

“He called one of my relatives, Alhaji Sherrif, who is a businessman in Lagos that he wanted him to show me the way and Alhaji told me about the business (pipeline vandalism).

“As soon as I arrived, Alhaji Sheriff said I should join him as a conductor in his business. He buys and sells diesel and other products to drivers and most of them are got from our suppliers at Sagamu.

“He told me the implication of the business and the danger in case of arrest. He was the one that advised me to say that I am a student and had just arrived Lagos few weeks ago in case the police accosted me. My duty is just to serve as a conductor attached to one of his drivers.

“I never joined them when they went into the bush; all I did, was to stand by the roadside, watch out for security personnel and alert them. Our duty is strictly to carry the product and deliver it to Mile 12, where we have tanks. He pays me N2,000 per trip which is a lot of money.

“I am terribly sorry; it’s just that I promised to change the fortunes of my family. I am sorry, please forgive me and give me another chance to return back to school. I am still in primary four.”

He said he usually sold adulterated diesel to suppliers at the cost of N4, 500 for 50 litres.

“At the end of the day it will be sold at N6,000 to retailers who are always on a standby because of the price at which it is sold. On a part time basis, we also work with a group of vandals who assists us in collecting fuel from pipelines,” he said.

This is a wake up call to government showing how everything is falling apart – the unnecessarily high cost of fuel, the rot in the educational sector, all the religious/ethnic crises. We need more efficiency, if I am asked.

What do you think about this young kid? Do you blame him or the circumstances surrounding him?




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