Hot Ladies in F1 Jumpsuits: Johnnie Walker Step Up to Red Campaign

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Something is definitely going on in Lagos and it feels like its gonna be big courtesy Johnnie Walker.

Did anyone see these hot ladies all kitted up in nice looking F1 jumpsuits, literarily stopping traffic with their strides.

Passersby were taking pictures and having fun watching the team of ladies doing their thing and obviously having a good time while at it and they put up quite a show!

All of these ladies were accompanying a very dapper looking Striding Man.

Wonder just where we might see them again, they looked very good together, I’m almost sure it has to do with something with those race cars parked at the mall.

Have you seen those too?

Just  keep a lookout for and if you meet any of either the Striding Man and the girls or the car , take a picture and share using  hashtags #imnotdriving #stepup2vip.


Join the conversation on , Johnnie Walker may hook you up! You never know.

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